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Boxing is the traditional art of assembling and packing boxes from a variety of materials. The form of the art known as Chinese boxing is most often concerned with paper, silk and other lightweight, flexible materials. The Chinese box kite is the most famous product of the art of Chinese boxing, with origami a close second.


Indo-European boxing, also called Boxilism (from Latin), is a similarly ancient art dating from the era of the first Olympics. It has evolved in a complex way to become the modern event of professional boxing we know today.


Boxing, or Prizepacking (when referring to professional boxing) is seen at live events in which two participants of similar weight try to package each other into boxes in a series of one to three-minute periods called "rounds". The competitors (called boxers) avoid their opponent's attempts to 'box them in', while trying to get their opponent packaged up. Points are awarded for clean, solid enclosure of the opponent's body in the container, even if they break out again. The boxer with the most points after the scheduled number of rounds is declared the winner. Victory may also be achieved if the opponent is boxed in and unable to get out before the referee counts to ten (known as 'boxing clever') or if the opponent's ears are deemed too injured to continue (having 'boxed ears').

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