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Teddy bears leave not one person indifferent! Usually a soft toy similar to this is a wonderful surprise for any celebration, not just for kids but also for older people. Our bears are of the premium quality materials and meet the top quality standards. There is certainly true that each of us really needs buddies! A growing kid needs a friend doubly. Such a buddy, with whom he is able to walk in the yard, can tell all the secrets and the most awesome wants and whom he is able to take to any tourist excursion. Naturally it will never replace live communication, but it will always be close by, so cute and so soft - such pal could unquestionably be a big teddy bear! Love that causes teddy bear is rather understandable. Recall the legends that are told in early childhood by father and mother when they put their child to bed. Who of the fantastic figures is in almost every one of them? Naturally it is bear - robust, big and shaggy inhabitant of the forest kingdom.

In 1902 President Theodore Roosevelt spared in hunting the American black bear, crocked by hunting crew with dogs and tied to a tree. Tale was in the newspapers cartoons, but afterwards was modified for opportunistic motives, and the bear became a sweet small teddy bear. Details of the story eventually had blurred, but the essential still existed - Teddy (Roosevelt's nickname) had declined to shoot the bear. One of the several cartoons with the reduced in measurements bear caught the eye of the Michtom’s Morris spouse, the owner of a toy store. She sewed the first teddy bear the same as the bear from the cartoons. It was set in a store window and called "Teddy Bear" honoring President Roosevelt. A new toy has generated huge attention of purchasers, and very soon, with the agreement of Roosevelt to make use of his name, Michtom built the “Ideal Toy Company”, which designed the teddy bears. However the teddy bear’s success was huge, it didn’t bring wealth to Michtom. He made a serious error - did not patented a new toy and its title. Very quickly many manufacturers began to make the same toys applying his idea.

Now there are about 20 museums and galleries specifically for teddy bears, and thousands of collectors of this toy. Specifically for them are made limited batches of teddy bears, such as Teddy Bears of Gemma Cadge performed in 2 or three copies. Auction Christie conducts regular auctions, where are exhibited only big teddy bear. The costliest teddy bear is a mohair toy manufactured in 1929. It was sold for 90 thousand $.

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