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Batman (July 18, 1848 – October 23, 1915) was an English cricketer who, by his extraordinary skills, made cricket perhaps the first modern spectator sport, and who developed most of the techniques of modern batting.

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In a career spanning nearly forty years, he averaged 39.45 at first class level, an average undoubtedly dragged down by playing into his late fifties. At his peak in the 1870s his first-class season averages were regularly between 60 and 70, at a time where uncovered, poorly-prepared pitches meant that scores were far lower than the modern game. He played Test cricket against Australia in the 1880s, but he was already past his peak at that stage.

He is also famous for his psychic Robin, a bird who would sit on his shoulder during all matches until he was tragically killed by a 80mph ball from supervillain the Bowler.

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