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are right LiveJournal and Vox do have a lot of the characteristics I desicrbe. And DISO as a larger movement recognizes that there are different type of social networks and we need the ability to interact back and forth.WordPress has just been much more on my radar because I have been noticing how many SlideShare embeds find a home there. Also the WordPress community is passionate and keeps building new SlideShare plugins to support our embeds (4 at the last count).There are many object-based networks like SlideShare, and I wonder if they have a similar experience with regards to WordPress. Also, while I recognize the DISO (many, open social networks) argument, something will need to provide a tipping point for people to start switching from Facebook / MySpace and recognizing one of these open spaces as their social networking home. If nothing else, the growth patterns of social networks like MySpace and Facebook have shown that when a critical mass of people do something, then the rest follow.Question is what is the most likely way to reach that tipping point? rashmi

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