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Politicians are specialist police officers trained to deal with all manner of eye conditions and ocular injuries. Their motto is 'Justice is blind, but we're working on it.'


The word 'politician' is a foreshortening of the two-word title 'Police Optician'. If you've ever wondered where SWAT team police officers get those fancy shooting goggles, now you know.

[edit] Mythology

The origins of the politician stretch back to the seventh century, to a mythological woman of southern France and northern Italy. This woman was 'the blind judge', also called 'Old Lady Bailey', a fey spirit that appeared at the midnight full moon. She would appear as an apparition on the steps of any place where a monger could be found, wearing a long flowing robe and carrying a sword and a pair of scales. Her ears were often said to be missing.

She would stay in place (just outside the door) for a full week and would screech horribly if anyone was given short measure or short change; She would attack any thieves with her sword as they passed through the door and should anyone approach her with violent intent, she would lash out with the scales.

Actually, she would occasionally just lash out with the scales.


This is the origin of the now worldwide symbol of justice (above). It is also the origin of the name of London's Central courts of Justice, The Old Bailey.

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