Frankenstein's Monster

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Frankenstein's Monster was the creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who was a student of Dr. Doogie Howser MD. They were based in the university of Ingolstadt (literally translated as 'In Goal Town. As a result Ingolstadt has a high proportion of goalkeepers in their football team).

During his studies in Ingolstadt, Dr Frankenstein not the Monster, discovered the secret of re-animating corpses by drawing them again and again. After an hour or so, he created Frankenstein the Monster!

Here is a photo of an artist's impression of a drawing of a photo of Frankenstein's The Monster. It was taken before Frankenstein could add the legs and feet and scrotum to the beast.


Frankenstein's Monster awaiting the creation of the rest of his limbs.

Frankenstein's Monster spent much of his day hiding in a barn watching a blind Richard Briers drink soup. In a fit of rage, Frankenstein's Monster harvested all of Richard Briers' vegetables and then burnt down his house. It is unknown whether Jerry and Margot's house suffered fire damage as a result of the inferno.

Frankenstein's Monster also enjoyed strangling children.

Luckily all of this refers to a work of fiction, which basically means that it's made up. Although like all good fiction, it has its' basis in fact. So basically, it's fact. So it did happen.

Approach with caution.

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