Fight or flight response

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When the brain perceives itself to be in life-threatening danger, it will employ an out-dated and wholly unnecessary evolutionary response to attempt to rectify the situation. Many instantaneous physiological changes take place including the release of adrenalin.

Rather than negating the threat, this automatic response in fact makes things worse - normally resulting in one or more of the following:

- blushing - stuttering - logging on to the internet - fainting - feinting

It has therefore been proposed that the traditional evolutionary response be replaced with a more modern approach: "fight or flight". Upon encountering a dangerous situation, such as chancing upon a venomous snake, it is proposed that the individual challenge the snake to a "fight or flight". If "flight" is selected, the situation is resolved by seeing who can be first to book a flight to a selected destination. It is not normally necessary to actually take the flight, though it is good manners to pay for it.

This is much like in the popular TV show "Run The Risk", where the participants would, on occasion, have to choose between answering a question or performing a "physical challenge".

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