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Dinosaurs are creatures that used to live alongside early humans, such as those who existed during the Flintstone Age. The Judeo-Christian God is often credited with their creation during his famous 'six-day binge'; He is also widely credited with their destruction by means of the Flood (though this is almost universally condemned as untrue):

Image:Jesus_enters_Jerusalem.jpg Image:Jesus_enters_Jerusalem_again.jpg

As the evidence of these photographs clearly show, Dinosaurs played an important part in the New Testament story of Jesus - Here Jesus (0-34AD) is seen riding a Donkosaurus (left) and a Lowlyassiraptor (right) into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. It is known that Jesus entered Jerusalem as many as five times that day, each time on a different dinosaur - Which one, of course, depends upon which gospel you read, as the Bible frequently contradicts itself.

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