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Also known as a theater in the United States.

A place where uneducated people go to sit in the dark and discuss their love lives, fashion and who was being a right bitch earlier today, innit.

Many people also use cinemas as their locations of choice for receiving calls on their mobile telephones. Others still like to rustle bags of sweets loudly in one hand while ineffectively calming a baby with teething pains with the other.

Afternoons and evenings (particularly at the weekend) are the most popular times for cinema going. Some do persevere and make it to later sessions though at these times they are sadly now becoming outnumbered by inconsiderate people who demand they cease their perfectly normal behaviour in favour of watching a motion picture in silence! Police and cinema owners say they are powerless to tackle this inconsiderate behaviour without further disrupting the phone calls and fashion discussions of innocent cinema goers.

[edit] The Oxford Moving Picture Law

In the early 20th century a bylaw was passed in Oxford making it illegal to show moving pictures on a Friday or Saturday as it often distracted people from their chores of thoroughly cleaning the house before the Sabbath.

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